Autobiografie von Thomas Anders erscheint in Russland

Thomas' Autobiographie "100 % Anders. Mein Leben: die Wahrheit über Modern Talking, Nora und Dieter Bohlen "wird demnächst in Russland veröffentlicht. Das Buch wird in seinem online-shop erhältlich sein. Dies wird vor allem die zahlreichen russischen Fans sehr freuen.

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    Nathalie (Montag, 18 Mai 2015 14:31)

    Hello! I'm Nathalie ,I'm from Ukaraine.
    Four days ago, I received a long-awaited book, due to the fan club from Novsibirsk, very grateful to them for that. I read the book in one breath, it is very easy to read, enough funny moments, Thomas' humor is ok! so I got a great pleasure from reading the book, thank you, Thomas so much!My mom (she is after a stroke), even read Томас Андерс (Thomas Anders), though she speaks so hard. Now the book began to read my aunt Lara.When the book was first published in German language, I thought that it would be great if it was in Russian language or at least in English. And what a suprise-it's in Russian!!! It means the power of positive thinking!!! The great thank all who helped in the publication of the book.