Musical Easter eggs hatching at minute intervals

Location Magdeburg. GETEC-Arena. It is the 8th of April 2017. The ZDF primetimeshow „Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel“ is ready to be recorded.

The familiar setting of the show and colored lights transform the former grey and dull sports center into the location for todays Easter show. Musical Ester eggs, one by one. Surely digestible and better for love handles than their relatives of cocoa and milk. So are most of the songs quite danceable. The fans of Thomas Anders were very pleased in this show, because Thomas was seen a lot on stage. 


Our “Gentleman of Music” presented the premiere of his new single “Der beste Tag meines Lebens” and beated the big drum for his new album “Pures Leben”. A black piano, eye to eye with host Carmen Nebel.

In the background old photos of Thomas could be seen. Starting with little Bernie, going on with the young Thomas while Modern Talking and ending up with classy Thomas between the two MT-phases. Thomas started a time journey to his personal musical stations. Some songs were raised. Thomas sang “Mandy” from Barry Manilow, “Du weinst um ihn”, sung in his first TV appearance in a television show 1981 from Michael Schanze and last but not least, “You’re my heart, you’re my soul”. Thomas sang live, quite seldom for German television shows in our days. The audience was thrilled.


Afterwards he changed the stage. “Ich zähle die Stunden, sie falln’ von mir ab…”. Fresh, dynamic, powerful and a rich beat. “Der beste Tag meines Lebens”.


Surely an appeal from Thomas point of view, to make every day to the best day of your Life. Furthermore it is his general mood right now, centered, resting and satisfied, despite time pressure at the moment. But Thomas doesn’t HAVE TO, he CAN and WANTS. He underscores this all the time. 


After his performance Thomas had to defend his Guinness World Record in beating egg whites. Ingrained fans will know: His opponents Joey Kelly and Matthias Steiner have no chance to beat him. Even it was close at the end with Olmypic champion Matthias Steiner and it was no official Guinness World Record, it was important for Thomas honor.

The show was entertaining and diversified. Marianne Rosenberg, Michael Bolton, Jürgen Drews, Micki Krause, The Kelly Family, Nicole, Mary Roos, Vanessa Mai, Beatrice Egli, The Olsen Brothers, Albert Hammond, Stefan Zauner & Petra Manuela, Ella Endlich, Gerd-Christian and Wincent Weiss produced a firework of music, new songs, cult hit songs, extraordinary duets and interesting chats.


Watchable, also for muffles of Schlager music. Watchable anyway for music lovers on television, not obviously in our days as well. Carmen Nebel, one of the last icons for big television shows and music on German television. Good to have her and for having her for two more years with her ZDF show. For sure Thomas will be on her guest list some other times again.

“Jede Sekunde werd’ ich genießen, einfach nur fühln’, einfach nur fühln’”. Should be on our future To-Do lists for sure.

Have fun while watching the show in the ZDF media library and Happy Easter!


Andreas Unterberg for ThomasAnders-Online

(c) Fotos/Video - Yvette Graßmann/Astrid Nast/Andreas Unterberg - Thomas-Anders-Online