25th International Fanday - an emotional jubilee

Long before the 25th International Fanday, Thomas and his team started to think about, how to celebrate this day in an appropriate way. Die choice felt on the cupola hall of Fort Ehrenbreitstein. As a special highlight, there should be a concert with the guys from the Modern Talking Band. Time ran fast, tickets and hotel rooms were booked – appointments with friends and other fans were made and finally the jubilee weekend was there.

Yvette and Kati came in by plane to Cologne/Bonn Airport. Andreas joined them there and Astrid played “Airport shuttle” for everyone. She could travel to Coblence short-term, to join the sound check on Thursday evening. Besides there were some final agreements to do, between Thomas and Ulf, how the proposal of Ulf should be done, on the next day. But first, Astrid drove all of us, safely to Coblence – Thank you very much! Because of some damages of the storm some days ago, we all had to spend much more time in the trains, instead.


We checked-in in our hotel, the “Mercure”. Because we all were curious for the cupola hall and for Fort Ehrenbreitstein, we headed quickly to the location and were totally impressed – of the whole area, the unbelievable view and also of the cupola hall. Meanwhile Markus made his way from Cologne to Coblence and so our group was complete. As we ambled together through the Fort, we heard some music for brass instruments. Immediately we blasphemed:” Oh, the guys are already taken their sound check. We have to record a video and post it on our Facebook page.”  But we rather left it. To enjoy the views and the very nice weather, we went into a beer garden and enjoyed (despite the windy weather), in a nice society, some cool drinks and the fantastic view on the “Deutsches Eck” and over Coblence.


In the meantime another event took place in the cupola hall, which ended lately at 18:00 o’clock. As the last guests left the hall, the TA Team, around Stefanie Schwarze started to unload their transporters. Photo studio, fan office and stage had to decorated. The organizer made the seating and brought the chairs; we took care about the numbering of the rows and helped them along. Claudia had an observant eye on everything and also Alexander was working assiduously. Due to a perfect organization and preparation, everything looked really beautiful and was prepared for the big impetus.

Saturday, we arrived around 11:30 at Ehrenbreitstein area. Many fans were waiting in front of the entrance, but everything looking quite relaxed. Everyone from the TA Team had his place, was ready and so the doors opened on time, at 12:00 o’clock. Immediately the Merchandising desk was full of interested fans, which had a great variety of products. Although there was a hearty greeting with the Russian and Polish Fanclubs.

Thomas and the Band were expected sometime in the forenoon, back from Marbella, were they played a show the evening before. Luckily the plane was o time, so they could start with the photo session around half past 12 o’clock. Of course you couldn’t see, that Thomas only slept three hours. The photographer Peter Seydel was engaged to do the photos with the fans, and he printed them himself. Great Service – so everyone could take his photo directly after the shooting. The queue stretched through the whole hall and there seemed to be no ending. Of course nearly everyone wanted to let Thomas sign something and many of them caught the opportunity to talk some words with him, if that was possible in a fever of excitement. So everyone has to be understandable, that the party began, when everyone held his photo in his hands.


Andreas and Kati placed themselves around the exit. In a secret Facebook group we invited the fans to do some video or written messages for the jubilee. We collected the photos and written greetings and glued them into a book. Those fans, who haven’t noticed our secret Facebook group, had now the opportunity to sign directly on the Fanday into that book, with their names, greetings and special whishes. We added a DVD with the collected Fanvideos and video messages from German celebrities, who Andreas visited with his camera. Between all the nervous fans, two television teams were trying to catch the atmosphere.

With half an hour delay the Party finally began. As Thomas came in from the back of the cupola hall, he received some standing ovation, a sign of amusement, but also a sign of respect and honor. Everyone in the hall knew that such an event, over a time space of 25 years is not self-evident. He entered the stage and welcomed everyone. Of course he asked the question, where all the people are coming from. Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, France ……..and even from Australia, Los Angeles and South Africa, everyone was thrilled. It was frenzy, over what distances people are coming, to meet Thomas personally one time in a year and to listen to the Modern Talking Band, live. It was definitely worth it!!!


Now there was time, to win some prices. First they allotted the “Fan of the Day”. Die fortunate fortune felt on Kira Peshkova from Kamtschatka. She was allowed to take a seat on stage and to assist Thomas, thought the whole party. With the second fortune, the “Assistant of the Fan of the day”, was alloted. Sandy Moens from The Netherlands took her seat aside of Kira.

Than Thomas told us, that he played everywhere in the world, instead of Africa and Australia. He asked, who has ever been to Africa. That was the catchword for us and Ulf. He met his girlfriend, three days before she went to Africa for three month to help on a children charity project. Without further ado Ulf followed her and they both lived together in small tree house, near the beach. That is a special story for a special proposal, like on a Fanday, thought Ulf and Thomas gave him the opportunity to do that. He pleased Ulf to the stage and they took a little Smalltalk about Africa. In conclusion she should have recognized that there was something pre-arranged, because Kati and Yvette stood beside her, all the time and Andreas was taping the whole thing. But she divined nothing. Finally as Ulf started to present a self-written poem and made the proposal with some photos of them on the screen, she understood.”For a lifetime” from Modern Talking was hearable in the background. Tanya sat, completely excited on her chair, and after Astrid gave the flowers and rings to Ulf, he finally got his long awaited “YES”. Tanya entered the stage and together with Thomas, they celebrated their common future. Good luck for them!


The Party went on. Markus Scherer pleased Astrid to the stage and announced that we prepared a surprise for Thomas. She brought Kati and Yvette with her. On stage, we gave Thomas the book and the DVD with all the fan greetings and with a big bouquet we said “Thank you” for all the emotional and impressing moments in the past years. Because we knew, that Claudia and Steffi had a big part in organizing the fan parties, both got an own bouquet for their work.


It is now a tradition that the Fan pages collect questions for Thomas. Markus Scherer pleased Claudia K. and Astrid to the stage and they started with the talk round. There were many interesting questions. Because of the time delay and different surprises, Thomas could only answer three of our questions. We sent him the others and he took some time to answer us the rest. They will follow shortly.


As the first surprise Kira came in with a Thomas Anders cake, with burning candles. Of course, the organization team had an idea, because the other 420 fans didn’t need to watch the people on stage, while eating the cake. The staff of the TA Team brought in big trays with muffins for everyone, which were decorated with a “25”-bannerette. A great idea and so tasty!!!


In the meantime Thomas answered the next question, but got interrupted by Markus because of some greeting videos. Especially the greetings of some German celebrities surprised him a lot. Thomas looked at them every interested. Unfortunately the technique wasn’t working, so they couldn’t show all of the videos. Also the Fanclubs of Poland and some single fans (e.g. from Portugal) sent us some very interesting and fancy videos and we made a short clip, too. All the clips are included on the DVD, we gave Thomas in the book, so he can watch them at home. After the strongly shortened talk round, Thomas asked representatives of the different fan pages to the stage and thanked everyone for all the years of support. As a surprise he gave them flowers and a hoody from the Thomas Anders Collection. You could see the joy about the appreciation in their faces – thank you so much for that!!!


Then it got really exciting! From the newsletter everyone knew that aside of all the wonderful prices two VERY coveted main prices are in the lottery – as a constancy price a private concert of Thomas and like in the last year, the private cooking, an evening, where Thomas is cooking for a fan. The excitement increased and Thomas had fun to put us on the rack. The right fortune for the private concert, had Thomas O. from Cottbus. He couldn’t believe in his luck and there also were a few tears of joy. The winner of the private cooking reacted a bit more spontaneously. After realizing that he won the main price, he ran towards the stage and gave Thomas a big hug. Thomas was so surprised that he nearly lost balance. Congratulations for both winners from us. We wish you unforgettable hours with Thomas. Maybe you want to tell us something about the evenings.


In the end of the Party, it was time for music. Thomas presented his new single “Everybody wants to rule the world”, which has currently been released in Russia. The whole hall was clapping and celebrating the song…it was a nice ending of the Fanday. There was a break of two hours, which we used for taking some fresh air and relaxing in the beer garden to exchange our impressions of the day with some nice friends.


On time, at 20 o’clock the concert began. We were awaiting that for such a long time. Unfortunately, in Germany we are not able to watch Thomas and the guys from the Modern Talking Band live, so often. Our last concert was over one year ago. It was the concert in Koszalin (Poland) and we still have it in good memory!


There was another very nice surprise. After a long, long time, Tammy could be seen on stage again. We were unbelievably happy to see her again. What should we write to the concert?! It was fantastic – good vibes from the first until the last song. Nick, Lars, Jörg, Bernd, Tammy and of course Thomas spread good vibrations and did a fantastic job. You couldn’t perceive, that they just came in from Spain in the morning.


New surprises, even while the concert. In the middle of the program Bernd and Lars took a seat with their guitars on the edge of the stage. In front of Bernd was a music stand with song texts. In a funny way he announced that he wanted to bring “Mr. Anders” to sing some of his “youthful follies”. A funny discussion started and Lars and Bernd played the first accords of “Judy”. But Thomas adjusted the text. Instead of “16 Jahre alt bist…..”” he sang “60 Jahre alt bist…”, that was very funny. “Es geht mir gut heut’ Nacht” and “Was macht das schon” followed! A really nice idea, the audience was thrilled. It was amazing, how the fans could sing along the old German texts.


Meanwhile not only the atmosphere in the hall was near the boiling point, also the air in the cupola hall was like in a sauna. A special highlight for us was the acoustic medley of Thomas and Lars. You could watch and listen to them for hours. We were surprised, as Thomas said goodbye from stage – time ran so fast. The concert was over, much too fast. Of course the audience charged loudly for an encore. After two additional songs Thomas finally left the stage and while the guys from the Band got her flowers and played the last accords he disappeared.


Bernd, Jörg, Nick and Lars fulfilled friendly and patient autograph and photo wishes and finally went into knocking-off time.

We left Fort Ehrenbreitstein around 22:30 o’clock but were much to cheerful to get back to our hotel. We went to the “Einstein” to drink some cocktails with good friends and to talk about the great, past hours.


Claudia, Thomas, and the whole, great team - thank you very much for this wonderful day, which will always be on our minds.