A Part of a Fan Diary

During this times we all live from our memories of unforgettable concerts with Thomas Anders and the Modern Talking Band. Janika Erendi from Estonia sent us one of her memories to share with you:

Is year 2017, 30. june and we are going to Otepää, me, my husband and our 8 years old daughter.

We are going to Retrobest because Thomas Anders performing there today.
Do you believe it, we will see Thomas singing alive !!!

Thomas himself doesn`t know that we are going only because of him!

250 km with a car and we are there. So much people everywhere, many of them are dressed like in the 80`s, the imagination have no borders. Did we really wear these clothes ??

Thomas will step up so late so i hold my fingers crossed that my little girl will survive it. Time flies too slowly. After many icecreams, walking near the lake of Pühajärve, listening many other artists, its time to go near the stage. Its still an hour to wait but i don`t get closer to the stage anymore.

My husband takes our daughter to hold, they are staying, sitting on the chairs because the crowd will certanly trample her to death.I am so thankful to him! "Are you happy to see Thomas Andres?," asking my girl before i go, yes she still says Thomas Andres, not Anders and it`s kind of cute ??

I go near the stage as i can and i feel my legs are shaking. People are so close like sprats in the box. I feel i need more air...!!!

The first notes, Thomas`s picture appears on the screen, my heart wants to jump out and there he is...in the light suit,he is real, so handsome. I still can`t believe my eyes and my ears, i feel that i forget to breathe, all emotions are so high...

"You`re my heart, you`re my soul", Cheri cheri lady"," Brother Louie", "You can win if you want"," Atlantis is calling"...sounds on the new light, Thomas's voice is even powerful than watching on TV or listening from the radio, i am in seventh heaven, i don`t want to miss a second of it.

"Lady Lai"," We still have dreams", "All i have","Lunatic","Why do you cry"," When will i see you again"...i scream, i jump, i dance, i sing along ........

I forget that i am in the middle age. It is raining but it can`t reach me, i am still in the sky high...and then all is over. How the time flies so fast now, when i want to stop it...

Thomas sing a last song, says a good wishes to us and the end...i stay there for a while, i can`t move, i have to transform to reality again, 250 km driving by car is waiting us, "When will i see you again" playing in my head and i have no idea yet, that better is yet to come, but this is already another chapter!

written by Janika Erendi (Estonia)