Between Bambi, trees and enchanting Christmas music.
Thomas Anders advent concert in the Sankt Florins Church
in Coblence on the 3rd of December 2013


„Can you hear the snowflakes falling“….No yet……feeling the Christmas spirit on the 3rd of December 2013??

Many people have to deal with it, that the Christmas season is in full swing. Indeed, the weather had winterly temperatures; the shopping stores are fully equipped with candy and Christmas advertisement. But we still couldn’t feel the real Christmas feeling….The same question every year. Why all the decoration, why all the gifts und you ask yourself, whether you can handle with “Last Christmas” in continuous loop, after 12 months again.

 After the evening of the 03.12.2013 we got many new impressions and came to the conclusion…yes we were ready for that, and we say “YES” to the decoration, to the music and the shopping.

And that’s it, what Thomas was caring for on that beautiful, cold and clear winter night, on the 3rd of December 2013 in the evangelical Florinschurch in Coblence. Bringing the Christmas spirit to us, with a charity concert and a reading of the actor Hermann Burck, was his aim. Everybody should go home, with this very special feeling.

The church was decorated Christmassy and very classy. Thomas and his musicians felt comfortable in between lightning Christmas trees, big and white candles and the two big white reindeers. Fitting to the good wishes in the Christmas time, two big “Merry Christmas” in different colors could be read on the walls, aside the stage. Because of the characteristic ripped vault, the light effects created a very special atmosphere.

Perfect, to forget the bustle of the everyday life, with this contemplative, as well as elating and lively Christmas songs. The Christmas time is more than just quietness, calm choir music and old German treasure of songs. It means light, glossiness and it is colorful and elating. The same like the width of his album “Christmas for you” in 2012.

The well-known gentle-soulful voice of Thomas opened the musical magic of the evening with “Can you hear the snowflakes falling”. Because you could only hear his voice, the heads began to looks for him in person. And then – oh surprise – he entered the stage from aside. The goose flesh rose up to 100% (also, when I (Markus) have to smile a bit while that song, because I have to think about CORNflakes firstJ) – everyone knows the story of Owie in “Silent Night, Holy Night”.

In connection Thomas began to sing the happy- English songs “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, “Sleigh Ride”, “Let it snow” and “Rudolph, the red nose reindeer”. The sensational arrangements of and with Achim Brochhausen, as well as his band, with the members Wolfgang Ritter on the contrabass, Heiko “Bruce” Busch on the drums and the bassist Sascha. The acoustics in the church was simply perfect and so all instruments harmonized with each other and with Thomas voice and melted together to a Christmassy unit.

But also songs, where we clearly could hear the wide range of Thomas’ voice were sung in the following program….one hit after the other.

From “The Christmas Love Song”, “Silverbells” and “The Christmas Song” to “I’ll be home for Christmas” and classic songs like “Christmas is just around the corner” and “Kisses for Christmas”. All the nice songs, we expected to hear on that evening. The audience must truly have been surprised, that there are so many beautiful songs, apart from “Winter Wonderland” and “Jingle Bells”.

I (Markus) was really happy, that I could show my parents and parents-in-law, who joined an event for the first time, what Thomas Anders –the Popstar - has to give on stage. An artist, who enthuses me again and again with his incomparable voice and you think: ”Just hold on singing” His pitch of the voice, in which Thomas sings with a relatively high and crystal clear tune, makes Thomas for me, to a real star.
A feeling, that I cannot explain.

Thomas’ voice is not just distinctive and sentimental in English – for all the friends of Thomas’ voice in German language, he sang some German Christmas songs, like “Oh Tannenbaum” (Oh Christmas tree), “Oh du fröhliche” (Oh how joyfully) and “Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht”(Silent Night, Holy Night). Heard for a thousand times and sung for a thousand times…but how could it be?! Thomas made the whole church sing and all the songs unique and DIFFERENT. Now everybody felt the Christmas spirit. Mission completed.
“With “Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht”, he got everyone.

After the announcement, that we have to come to end of the evening, we were in full expectation for one last song. It has to come. Please… It is my (Markus) personal favorite song, sung by Thomas. Originally sung by Barry Manilow. Often copied, seldom reached. No…reached for one single time overtrumped, says me (Andreas). Thomas hasn’t made a copy of that song, he made it to one of his own,
to a hymn of the turn of the year. The song is called “It’s just another new years eve”. A song about the 31st of December – Sylvester – which is simply beautiful and animated us, to reflect the last year and to rumor about, what the New Year will bring.

We couldn’t let go Thomas Anders –“The Gentleman of Music”, with only one encore. With the á capella version of “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” he finished the evening and put it, like a Christmas tree, the final peak on. Everything was perfect. Every tone, every line, every feeling and every thought. With this pleasant sounds, Thomas passed the people into the cold December night, now fully equipped with the Christmas spirit.

For those, who had some more time, Thomas started to give autographs, after a short break. There was also time for a photo. Quiet and with much patience he had time for every wish and also got some Christmas presents from the fans. After all he answered some questions in an interview with TV Middlerhine,
who recorded the whole evening. You can buy this tape for 20€, additional 19% value added tax in the order form, of TV Middlerhine( Just order 1 DVD and add the broadcasting dates 23. – 27.12.2013 (Thanks to Mausi for researching).

I (Markus) am happy, that I was there. Again a terrific event with Thomas as well as to slide into the Christmas time with all the nice people there in Coblence. It really was a beautiful evening!

Also I (Andreas) want to say thank you to all the protagonists of this evening. Thank you for the time, the music, the idea and the nice and diversified program. Thomas, his music and the events go along with me, as well as the special people, with whom I grew up and with whom the reunion is always full of fun.

                                                   Markus Köllen and Andreas Unterberg

                                                        (c) Photos - Andreas Unterberg