Newsletter - Informations for the International Fanday 2016

Dear fans,

I hope you are fine and you enjoy the summer of 2016. In a view hours I'm heading to my tour in the US. Before I leave Germany I would like to send you some details regarding the International Fanday on September,24th 2016 in the “Stadthalle Ransbach-Baumbach”.
Together with my team we've already arranged some topics to the upcoming event. Here is the final time schedule:
September 24th, 2016 International Fanday & Concert in the Stadthalle Ransbach-Baumbach:
12:30 pm Doors open
01:00 pm Start Fan-Fotoshooting
03:00 pm Start International Fanday
06:00 pm End International Fanday and stage settings
07:30 pm Doors open for the concert
approx. 10:00pm End of the event

Here are the details for you:
We will open the doors to the 26th International Fanday not earlier than 12:30 pm. Neither drinks, catering, nor professional photo- or video equipment will be allowed into the venue.
If you would like to take professional photos or videos for media from the events you can ask for an accreditation in advance at

We will not allow undeclared professional cameras at the International Fanday and concert. You will have an security check at the entrance and of course we will not allow unautorised items.

The photographer Mr. Peter Seydel will join us during the "Fan-Photoshooting" which starts by 01:00pm. You will have the possibility to get a photo together with me. You will receive your photo directly and for a fee of € 6,00. Because of the schedule and the timing I would like to ask you to attend only once for the shooting.
At 03:00 pm the International Fanday will start on stage. The programme will contain a lot of news, talks, actions to social media and also a raffle.This year I'm very happy to welcome an international guest. To my guests I will not tell any details right now. Surprise, surprise!

At 06:00 pm we will ask you to leave the concert hall for stage settings. In the entrance refreshments will be offered during the whole day. Also the restaurant in the Stadthalle or the restaurants in the neighborhood will welcome you.

At 7:30 pm we are re-open the doors for the concert. The show starts, at 08:00 pm. During the show I will introduce my new stage programme together with the Modern Talking-Band.The show will end around 10:00 pm.

I´m very happy to see you in Ransbach-Baumbach and I´m counting the days until the 26th International Fanday.

Thomas Anders

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