Thomas Anders & Modern Talking Band in Chile (11/2014)

The Meeting (11th of November 2014)

Santiago 11th November, 2014 - a sunny day. The three admins of the Chilean MT Fanclub (Hernán, Omar and Cecilia) together with the admin of the peruvian Fanclub, drove to the Hotel Monticello in the city of Rancagua, where at 5:00 pm we had to look for Mr. Lutz Seidel in order to get the contact with Thomas Anders. We arrived half hour before the time and we stayed in the lobby of the hotel waiting, minutes. Then we were surprised when we saw Mr. Thomas Anders, himself together with a part of his team. Thomas politely introduced himself and invited us to drink something for have a chat. For be more comfortable we went to the bar, (unforgettable moment when we were together Thomas in the uplifting). We were excited and had a big emotion, but Thomas gave us total confidence being friendly with us, what make us feel comfortable all time.

Maybe it is difficult to explain with words how great this meeting was for us. It lasted more than two hours and it was impressive for us to share time with the person who we admired by so many years and whose voice and music mean so many for us and have been part of our lives always.

We started asking him about his arrival and expressed the joy of Chilean and Latin-Americans fans about his return to this country after 25 years.

We asked him about the chances for his participation in the Vina del Mar Festival, but he told us that there were not any agreement about that, at least not yet. But he would be interested, in fact he asked us for information about the date of this show, who were the anglo singers in previous years and how long were those shows for every artist. We had clear that he would be available in back there again. We took the chance for ask and clarify some doubts regarding the performance in Viña 88 and 89. So we finally knew why he never sang YMHYMS. Although we were surprised to know that actually there were not a real reason. But maybe because in that time he was already tired to sing the same song again and again. So we said to him, that this would be the first time he will sing this song live here in Chile.

Then we talked about the success of Modern Talking in different countries of the world, and he told us , that was interesting, the difference between the hits in different countries. He was curious in know which were the hits in Chile and Peru and of course we asked him about the playlist that he was going to sing at the concert next day. He told us about his solo career after MT, and confessed us that his favorite songs were “Independent Girl” and “This Time”, favorite songs in MT were difficult to choose only one but he would say YMHYMS.

Another question was about the songs that he never included in his shows, for example “Never Been Loved Before”. He told that in fact he didn’t include this song, because it's a perfect song but not for his voice. He mentioned also about the last tribute compilation album called “30”, he seems satisfied with it.

We told him about our group of fans ofMT and TA in Chile, that we meet one time every year for share and celebrate our passion for this music and how much we wish he can make a Fanday in Latin America, because we know many fans want to make their dreams come true, but Germany is too far and expensive for us.

Actually there were many subjects that we discussed, many laughter, pictures, hugs, but unfortunately we had to say good bye and he gave us a nice greeting to all the members of our fan group and said us that he will look for us the day of the concert he said kidding, “Big Brother will be watching you” and in fact he did that.

The concert (12th of November 2014)

The Wednesday 12th November at 3 p.m. we made a fan Meeting. We were round about 50 people, included our friends from Perú, Argentina and Ecuador. We shared all this afternoon and time ran very fast. We had a great time, listening a selection of MT and TA songs, telling us stories each other and eating a delicious cake. (look picture). But every time the time were shorter. We were anxious so about at 19.30, we started to leave the place in groups, walking to the Movistar Arena.

Once there, many people got close to us, for greet us and asked us information about our group, because they noticed our t-shirts or jackets with “” printed. There was a wonderful atmosphere and we felt that despite the public was divided with the show of another singer, most of the people was there because Thomas Anders.

It was 9:15 p.m. and in front of 6.500 people Thomas Anders appeared in the stage, with a nice charm since the beginning with his song “Why Do You Cry”, there was an explosion of screams, due to the fact that was the same image we saw for so long time so far to reach, was this time so close to us, singing live in front of our eyes, there are no words for describe the emotion we felt, was a dream that took 25 years for making come true. For us the admins of the Chilean fanclub was very grateful to feel that in this moment, we were compensated by our work of join the fans, to organize meetings and to struggle for keep the faith between the followers that this day would come, so was natual for us to hug us between tears.

Then came “You Can Win If You Want” and a special MT medley, all with nice words coming from Thomas to the public, some of them in spanish. Other songs were “Geronimo’s Cadillac”, “Jet Airliner” and “Atlantic Is Calling”, the people was full of emotion, everybody singing and screaming of happiness.

Following songs were “You Are Not Alone” and then something awesome happened, everything became a party with “No Face No Name No Number”, everybody singing and clapping together Thomas, in this moment was evident that who were there were real fans, because this song never was played in any radio from Chile, was really wonderful. After that came “Sexy Sexy Lover”, “Brother Louie”, “You’re My Heart You’re My Soul”, hit behind other hits, sadly after about 1 hour 15 minutes, the end came with the song “Cheri Cheri Lady”.

Was clear for us that it was not enough. We wanted much more !!!! So it was sad for us to have it over in this way. We are sure if Thomas wanted he could continue it a little bit more. During 1 hour and 15 minutes, we touched the sky, we all wanted to stop the time! It was very difficult to explain with words what we felt, we let out heart there and for sure we will stay walking over clods until have again the chance to see TA. We hope that it happen soon and that more fans in Latin-American have the change to enjoy his voice, to know his humility which make him great and the best singer for us-The Gentleman of the Music - our beloved Thomas Anders.

©text and photos:   Official Fanclub of TA & MT Chile

in cooperation with: Official Fanclub of Modern Talking & Thomas Anders Peru

Special thanks to Cecilia Hernando, Omar Macaya ,Hernan Villagra and Mrs. Robota !